Get organized. Go green.

Are you stressed and overwhelmed by clutter? Do you find it difficult to locate essential items when you need them? I can help you eliminate the disorder and clutter in your life by working with you to organize and declutter your home or office and by putting new systems in place to make finding items and maintaining your space easier.

Green organizing means working with you to minimize the environmental impact of your organizing projects; I’ll work with you to discard unwanted items in an environmentally-friendly way. Owned and operated by professional organizer Kristine Acevedo, Neat-n-Green serves the greater Boston, Massachusetts area.

For example, I’ll help you donate or sell used clothing and other belongings you no longer want. I’ll show you how to properly recycle unwanted electronics that contain toxic materials, such as televisions, computers and monitors. In addition to being good for the environment, donations may qualify as tax deductions. And I can assist you with purchasing environmentally-friendly items when it’s time to buy something new.

Kristine Acevedo

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An organizing project starts with a phone or email conversation about your needs. We will discuss your organizational style as well as any barriers you have to becoming—and staying—organized. The next step is an on-site meeting to assess the situation together and develop goals for your space and an action plan. My goal is to make the organizing experience fun and easy, but most of all, to produce results that will keep you organized and efficient.

Personal and Residential

I’ll work with you to declutter and organize any space in your home; I’ll also identify the key tasks that will keep you organized.


I can save your business both time and money by removing clutter and working with your staff to develop organizational systems for paper-based and digital processes.

Moving and Relocation

I can help pack your belongings to make moving to your new home or office as easy as possible. I can also assist with unpacking at your new address—I love unpacking.


I can help develop a process to better care for your pets, including arranging for daycare, dog-walking services, setting up a schedule for pets needing ongoing medical care, and helping organize the space set aside for your animal companions.


“Kristine is quick, efficient and no-nonsense in her approach. She does what needs to be done, and when she completes her task, it is obvious that decluttering by an expert has been achieved. Kristine is a natural at these projects!” Debra L., Brookline
“While in the midst of moving into a new apartment my partner and I had to leave to return the rental truck. Upon our return we discovered that Kristine had unpacked and setup our kitchen and living room. We were in such great shape that we had dinner guests over the very next evening!”Robbie S., Jamaica Plain
“Kristine is very efficient and fast. She is good at organizing small kitchens and helping sort through belongings to determine what is and is not needed. I would recommend her to anyone I know who needs help with organizing.”Abby L., Watertown
“After working in an office with Kristine, I was so impressed with her organizational skills that I hired her to assist my friend to rearrange her house. I would recommend Kristine to anyone needing to organize a home or office environment.”John D., Somerville

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